Summer Bunting – How To Make Personalised Bunting Tutorial

Hi everyone, I just thought I would share with you a recent project that I made for Wow Embossing Powder… it was for their summer theme! You can check out the full tutorial hereย

I had been invited to afternoon tea to celebrate my friends 30th birthday so I decided to create a summer themed card for her that would fit with our afternoon of tea, sandwiches and cake and what better way than to say Happy Birthday than with bunting!

I also created a second set and attached to pink straws so these could be used on her birthday cake… I will say the the restaurant put the bunting a little too near the candles for my liking so if you do attempt this, make sure the candles are set away from the bunting to prevent any fire hazards!

The final thing to say is Happy Birthday Emily!

I hope that you like this project.

Happy Crafting ๐Ÿ˜€


Recycled Jam Jar

Hi everyone… I just wanted to share with you my latest tutorial project created for Wow embossing powder. You can see the full tutorial over on the Wow Embossing Powder blog.

Recycled Jam Jar - Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing Powder

Recycled Jam Jar – Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing Powder

Recycled Jam Jar Tutorial - Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing powder

Recycled Jam Jar Tutorial – Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing powder


Homemade Christmas present… mini magnets

Hi everyone and Happy New Year,

Today’s blog post is based around using Ultra High Embossing Powder…

I saw the idea of Pantone chip magnets on Pinterest a while ago but tried it (as they recommended) with a 3D gloss but it didn’t work… once the chips had dried, they were fuzzy and slightly blurred. I print from an ink jet printer (as I’m sure most people do) so if the ink gets wet… it does run and this was the problem! I wanted to try the same idea but using Ultra High Embossing Powder as the print out would only be in contact with a light coating of versamark ink and so I didn’t think it would bleed… anyway as you can see it worked! ๐Ÿ˜€


I wanted to make a few sets as I wanted one to keep and two to give away to some of my design friends as part of the Christmas presents! Here are brief instructions on how to make them:


You can either use actual Pantone chips that you have or like me if you aren’t lucky enough to own any Pantone chip books, print out the Pantone chips from this template file here

(The colours won’t be exact to Pantone colours as you can’t accurately print Pantone Colours from a standard printer). Choose a high quality print setting so that you end up with a nice vibrant print with no lines within the blocks of colour.


Using double sided tape, attach the thin card to a thicker mount board (ideally with white edges). Cut out the chips. There are guidelines on the print out so if you cut along these lines (but not to the edge of the card) so that you can still use the guidelines to cut from.


Ink up a few of your chips with clear versamark ink and lay on a white sheet of paper (being careful to only handle the chips by the edges).


Pour over the Ultra High Embossing Powder.


Pick each of the chips up (handle them only by the edges) and place onto an oven tray lines with foil.


Place the tray in the oven at about 140 Degree’s Celsius for 2-3 minutes until the powder melts. Take the tray out of the oven and wait for the chips to cool and then ink up with clear versamark and cover with another layer of Ultra High Embossing Powder and place back into the oven. This will give you a lovely thick and smooth coating.


Add a magnet to the back. I used these lovely silver circle magnets as they look neat and are very strong. Attach them using hot glue (or another strong glue).


The finished result… a lovely set of Pantone Chip Magnets. You could also create a similar thing using mini printed polaroid style photo’s… template and more photo’s will follow when I get onto this.

Here’s a list of the Wow products that I used:

Ultra High Embossing Powder

Other products that I used:

Versamark Ink

White Card

Mount Board


Hot Glue (or another type of strong glue)




Cutting Matt

Metal Ruler

Double Sided Tape

Handmade Jewellery using Wow Embossing Powders

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post today to show you something that I made using the fabulous Wow Embossing Powders. It’s a necklace and earrings set…

Wow_Jewellery_DaisySet1_LRWow Daisy JewelleryWow Daisy JewelleryWhat do you think? I created them using the melting technique I showed on an earlier blog post here. I was also demonstrating this technique at Hobbycrafts stand at the NEC last month. The melted powder is ‘St. Lucia Surf’ from the Caribbean Jewels Embossing Powder Set. The daisy mold is a Wow! mold but they sold out at the Hobbycrafts show.

The exciting news is my project has been chosen to be included in a craft trade magazine.


Christmas card with hanging snowflakes

Hi everyone,

I wanted to show you how to create this wonderful Christmas card that looks stunning.

Christmas_Snowflake_Card_LRYou can see the beautiful effect when the card is opened… The stamp has been stamped onto clear acetate and heat embossed with an opaque white embossing powder and so the light shines through and it looks almost like an expensive laser cut design.

This card uses the fabulous Wow! ‘Blizzard’ clear stamp that’s a wonderful intricate stamp that fits perfectly into the Christmas theme.

MBM_WowStamps_Blizzard_LR-1 MBM_CraftProducts_WowEP_BrightWhite_LR-1I started by stamping the stamp onto heat resistant acetate and heat embossing with Bright White Embossing Powder. I then cut a rectangle from my card blank (just slightly smaller than the stamped area) and mounted the acetate to the inside of the card.

Next, I stamped the Christmas Tree from the Wow! ‘Deck The Halls’ stamp set and embossed with Silver Embossing Powder. This was onto a semi-translucent pearlised paper. I cut aroundย  the embossed area and added a gem star and silver bow embellishment and mounted this with foam pads onto the card.

To complete the card, I cut two thin strips of acetate and attached them to the inside top of the card but positioned them so they hang over the front and added some snowflakes and silver diamante gems.

And there’s the final card… an easy to make but beautiful Christmas Card. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here are two other cards made using the same stamp… As you can see the stamp is also perfect for A6 size cards. The first card uses Bright White Embossing Powder on a Lilac Pearlescent Card and the second card uses Blueberry Embossing Powder on White Card.

SarahRhodesDesigns_BlizzardChristmas3Macro_LR SarahRhodesDesigns_BlizzardChristmas3_LR SarahRhodesDesigns_BlizzardChristmas2Macro_LR SarahRhodesDesigns_BlizzardChristmas2_LRHere is the Blueberry Embossing Powder that I used to create the card shown above.


Click here to buy the Blizzard Stamp and Embossing Powders and make your own stunning Christmas cards… they are very quick to make and look beautiful!ย (You can buy the Blizzard Stamp and Bright White Embossing Powder and have it delivered to you for less than ยฃ10)

Rainbow Hearts… Bunting Home Decor

Hello to you all…

Amazed by the variety of colours in the Wow Embossing Range, I set myself the task of creating something lovely, colourful and arty that I could display on my wall in my craft room… I loved it so much, it ended up on display in my living room! If you want to learn how to make beautiful heart bunting / garland?!… then read on…

Start by punching out a large number of heart shapes and heat embossing the hearts in a number of colours… you don’t have to use the full colour range… why not choose a selection of tonal colours that work well together and alternate them? You can see here that a combination of pinks work so well together… or even pinks and pastel purples?


Wow Embossing Glitter – Candy Floss

Wow Embossing Glitter – Princess Pink

Wow Embossing Powder – Cerise

Wow Embossing Powder – Magenta

Pinks & Pastel Purples:

I used tweezers to press each heart onto a clear embossing ink, then dipped the heart into the jar of powder and carefully placed onto a foil lined baking tray to heat in the oven. This was the quickest method for creating the numerous heat embossed coloured hearts that I was going to need.

TIP: When using the oven to set the powder, be aware that different powders melt at different speeds (for example, metallic powders heat very quickly and cannot be left in the oven for the same time as earthtone powders, without overheating and burning) Also, when using the oven (set it at around 160 Degree’s Celsius) it only takes a couple of minutes for the powders to set keep your eye to the tray.

It is easy to see when the powders are ‘set’ as they turn glossy.

To create the strings of hearts, I threaded silver thread through each heart and secured each with a small knot on the back.

One option for displaying the hearts is on a plain canvas using 3D foam pads to secure in place… perfect for my craft room wall so that I can easily see the range of colours that I have to create with! ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy Embossing… Isn’t the range of Wow Embossing Colours incredible?!

It’s quite appropriate that I am typing this blog post today as my wonderful boyfriend treated me to a surprise trip away for my 30th birthday and we are staying in the fabulous Pantone Hotel in Brussels! A hotel dedicated to colour! I couldn’t resist adding a few images of it…


We are on the 5th floor in the wonderful orange section….

Orange is vibrant. It’s a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colors. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.

What’s your favourite colour?

Visit to choose yours!

Create your own embossing powder colours

Hello to you all… It’s Sarah here!

This month, our theme is Halloween so I thought I would show you how to create the perfect Halloween colour using Wow embossing powders… Once that you have created Halloween orange embossing powder, you will have the perfect colour to make anything Halloween inspired. I transformed a white favour bucket into a Halloween inspired mini treat bucket!

When melting the powders, I always add in a small amount of clear embossing powder to the mix as it helps the powders start melting quicker. Add the powders into a mini foil tray and heat underneath with a heat gun until the powders turn into a molten liquid. (Remember to hold the foil tray with pliers as it gets very hot)!

To create the Halloween orange colour I mixed the following powders:

Clear Embossing Powder

Sherbert Embossing Powder

Lemon Embossing Powder (use double the amount of this colour)

I have just ordered this mold to make some mini pumpkin earrings!

You can also layer colours to get different colours and effects…

I started with a layer ofย  Clear Embossing Powder and then added a layer of Lemon Embossing Powder then added a layer ofย  Sherbert Embossing Powder then a final layer of Lemon Embossing Powder to get the orange colour shown below. Between each colour, I let the embossed powder cool before inking with clear ink and adding another layer of colour.

With mixing colours, the possibilities are endless…

I mixed Apple Red Embossing Powder with Metallic Gold Rich Sparkle to create this wonderful red and gold sparkle colour to use on Christmas cards.

We would love to see what colours you create, why not share your colour creations on our Wow Embossing Powder facebook page or share with us the colour of embossing powder that you would like to see added to the range.

You can see all the colours available on The Wow Embossing Powder Website

Happy Embossing!

Handy Stamp Storage Idea

Hello everyone… Happy Tuesday! ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s Sarah here with today’s blog post created for our Monochromatic theme.

I don’t know about you, but I always find I need to use stamps from a mixture of stamp sets and I thought it would be easier if I didn’t have to slide each stamp set in and out of the packets all of the time.

I have a bunch of empty CD cases that I had almost thrown out but thankfully I hadn’t as they turned out to be the perfect solution! The part that holds the CD easily popped out so I could then position my different stamp sets within them.

I found an old wooden CD box but it had no lid and as all clear acrylic stamps are best stored out of the light, I decided I would make a box lid for it… not just a plain lid though… a Wow Embossed box lid!

Here are brief instructions on how to make it:


Using pearl silver card, I created a square to the size that I needed (145mm) and added 30mm wide rectangles around the square adding in some tabs so that I would be able to stick the flaps together neatly. I embossed the circle heart from the Wow “Is It A Bird” stamp set around the edges using Silver Pearl Embossing Powder and scored all of the required lines so that it would fold together.


On a Dark Grey Pearl card, I stamped and heat Embossed Wow “Brocade” stamp twice using Silver Pearl Embossing Powder. Cut these two pieces out.


Using pearl silver card, I stamped the frame from Wow “Simply Amazing” stamp set and heat embossed using Silver Embossing Powder. I then created the text within the frame using the Wow Embossing Pen and Black Ebony Embossing Powder. I used super fine embossing powder for the text as there was quite a lot of small details. Cut around the frame but leave space either side for ribbon slits – see the images below!


I attached the two pieces of dark grey embossed card to the lid using double sided tape. I threaded dark grey ribbon through two slits either side of the frame and then through two slits within the box lid and secured neatly on the inside of the box lid. Add some foam pads to the back of the frame to lift it. I used double sided tape on the tabs and made the up the box.

I created a guide so I can easily see which stamps are within each case.

I might decorate the rest of the box at a later date but at least for now, my stamps are protected from the sunlight! ๐Ÿ˜€ Now all of my stamps are all together and quick and easy to use. I still keep the large single stamps on their transparent backing all together in a single DVD case rather than within the separate packets that they came in (the CD cases aren’t large enough but the extra large stamps are easier to peel off a flexible backing anyway so this works out well).

Here’s a list of the Wow products that I used:

Wow “Is It A Bird” stamp set

Wow “Brocade” stamp set

Wow “Simply Amazing” stamp set

Silver Pearl Embossing Powder

Silver Embossing Powder

Black Ebony Embossing Powder

Wow Embossing Pen

Pop over to the Wow Embossing Powder website for other fabulous colours… Happy Embossing!

Anniversary Card

Hello to all you lovely blog readers, it’s Sarah here and I have a foil inspired card to share with you today.

I have been playing with the fabulous range of foils from Wow and have created a card to send to my boyfriend for our anniversary (I hope he doesn’t read this post before I send it!) :O

I used a laser printer to print out a damask pattern onto a copper coloured card and then cut a piece of Gold Foil to cover the printed area. I then sandwiched this between two sheets of standard white copier paper and put this through my laminator. The foil adheres to the toner ink and this created a perfect gold damask pattern. Also, the great thing about a damask background pattern is that the left over foil can be used with a full printed toner sheet (I used a scrap piece I had lying around) and this creates a second background pattern design to use on a different project.

To create the embellishments on the card, I added some ribbon, printed out a heart onto white shimmery card and foiled this using the Red foil and then to finish added a tag with sentiment that was heat embossed in apple red.

Shopping List

Red Foil

Gold Foil

Apple Red Heat Embossing Powder

The complete range of colours of Wow foils are fabulous and great for adding some shine to your projects. Check out the full range over at