Recycled Jam Jar

Hi everyone… I just wanted to share with you my latest tutorial project created for Wow embossing powder. You can see the full tutorial over on the Wow Embossing Powder blog.

Recycled Jam Jar - Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing Powder

Recycled Jam Jar – Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing Powder

Recycled Jam Jar Tutorial - Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing powder

Recycled Jam Jar Tutorial – Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing powder



A lovely sign designed for my other half

Hello to you all,


I just wanted to share with you a sign that I have designed for my other half as part of his birthday present… his birthday is on 28th December and so I struggle every year to try and find nice things to give him for Christmas then a couple of days after that for his birthday.

This year I thought a nice little gift would be a sign for his ‘den’ also know as ‘The Batcave’! I based the sign around the batman logo and even managed to download the batman forever font for free and use that.

Here’s the design…

The_Batcave_SignI managed to find a wonderful company…

The company is called Sign-O-Matic and they produce many types of signs and also name badges and door signs

If you blog too, why not create your sign for free with them.

I’ll update this page with a photo of the sign when it arrives. 😀

Rainbow Hearts… Bunting Home Decor

Hello to you all…

Amazed by the variety of colours in the Wow Embossing Range, I set myself the task of creating something lovely, colourful and arty that I could display on my wall in my craft room… I loved it so much, it ended up on display in my living room! If you want to learn how to make beautiful heart bunting / garland?!… then read on…

Start by punching out a large number of heart shapes and heat embossing the hearts in a number of colours… you don’t have to use the full colour range… why not choose a selection of tonal colours that work well together and alternate them? You can see here that a combination of pinks work so well together… or even pinks and pastel purples?


Wow Embossing Glitter – Candy Floss

Wow Embossing Glitter – Princess Pink

Wow Embossing Powder – Cerise

Wow Embossing Powder – Magenta

Pinks & Pastel Purples:

I used tweezers to press each heart onto a clear embossing ink, then dipped the heart into the jar of powder and carefully placed onto a foil lined baking tray to heat in the oven. This was the quickest method for creating the numerous heat embossed coloured hearts that I was going to need.

TIP: When using the oven to set the powder, be aware that different powders melt at different speeds (for example, metallic powders heat very quickly and cannot be left in the oven for the same time as earthtone powders, without overheating and burning) Also, when using the oven (set it at around 160 Degree’s Celsius) it only takes a couple of minutes for the powders to set keep your eye to the tray.

It is easy to see when the powders are ‘set’ as they turn glossy.

To create the strings of hearts, I threaded silver thread through each heart and secured each with a small knot on the back.

One option for displaying the hearts is on a plain canvas using 3D foam pads to secure in place… perfect for my craft room wall so that I can easily see the range of colours that I have to create with! 😀

Happy Embossing… Isn’t the range of Wow Embossing Colours incredible?!

It’s quite appropriate that I am typing this blog post today as my wonderful boyfriend treated me to a surprise trip away for my 30th birthday and we are staying in the fabulous Pantone Hotel in Brussels! A hotel dedicated to colour! I couldn’t resist adding a few images of it…


We are on the 5th floor in the wonderful orange section….

Orange is vibrant. It’s a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colors. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.

What’s your favourite colour?

Visit to choose yours!