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It’s nearly Christmas time!

Hello readers,

I was just looking through my archives and I found this Christmas card that I never shared with you all… I might make some of these for Christmas this year too!




Exciting news! My upcycled jam jar tutorial project is featured in Reloved magazine

Hello! I have some exciting news to share… my upcycled jam jar tutorial is featured on a double page spread in the Autumn issue of Reloved Magazine which went on sale yesterday… have a look out for it! It’s a fab magazine full of wonderful inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜€

Reloved Magazine

Recyled Jam Jar - Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing Powder

Recyled Jam Jar – Sarah Rhodes Designs for Wow embossing Powder

Summer Bunting – How To Make Personalised Bunting Tutorial

Hi everyone, I just thought I would share with you a recent project that I made for Wow Embossing Powder… it was for their summer theme! You can check out the full tutorial hereย http://wowembossingpowder.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/summer-bunting-how-to-make-personalised.html

I had been invited to afternoon tea to celebrate my friends 30th birthday so I decided to create a summer themed card for her that would fit with our afternoon of tea, sandwiches and cake and what better way than to say Happy Birthday than with bunting!

I also created a second set and attached to pink straws so these could be used on her birthday cake… I will say the the restaurant put the bunting a little too near the candles for my liking so if you do attempt this, make sure the candles are set away from the bunting to prevent any fire hazards!

The final thing to say is Happy Birthday Emily!

I hope that you like this project.

Happy Crafting ๐Ÿ˜€

Pretty Birthday Card

Hi everyone, here’s a project that I have made for this months Wow! embossing powder nature theme.



Using the Wow! Embossing Powder Collage Stamp, I stamped toward the bottom of the card and heat embossed with Wow! White Pearl Embossing powder. The dandelion clock is from Wow! Embossing Powder ‘Make a wish’ Stamp Set which I stamped using Wow! Metallic Platinum Sparkle Embossing Powder. Also from the make a wish stamp set, I stamped and heat embossed the birthday sentiment in Wow! Silver Embossing Powder and also stamped and heat embossed a couple of little butterflies in Wow! White Pearl Embossing powder. I added ribbon to the sentiment message to make it stand out and mounted this onto the card with foam pads.


Products used:

144 mm x 144 mm blank folding card

Wow! Embossing Powder Collage Stamp

Wow! Embossing Powder ‘Make a wish’ Stamp Set

Wow! White Pearl Embossing powder

Wow! Metallic Platinum Sparkle Embossing Powder

Wow! Silver Embossing Powder


Why not head over to www.wowembossingpowder.co.uk to see the full range of products available.


Happy crafting! ๐Ÿ™‚

Beautiful Anniversary Card

Hi everyone, I just thought I would share with you the beautiful Anniversary card that my other half (Tom) gave me for our Anniversary today… isn’t it fabulous?


Also a quick photo that my wonderful friend, Emily took of the two of us together…ย You can see more of her work at http://www.emilyfrancesphotography.co.uk


And here’s the card that I made for Tom…

Anniversary Card - MadeByMyself.com

Anniversary Card

You can see the full tutorial on how to make this card here:ย https://sarahrhodesdesigns.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/lovebirds-for-valentines-day

Also, a big thank you to my Mum and Dad who sent a lovely card for us… lovebirds and buttons… what more does a card need?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pretty_card Pretty_card_2

On the subject of thank you’s… I’ve been meaning to share these with you for a while now (my second Mum bought them for me for Christmas and I can’t bear to use them because they are too nice!)… Super cute button soaps! How wonderful and lovely?! Thanks so much Viv. ๐Ÿ˜€

Button Soaps

Button Soaps

I was also treated to the movies last night and Tom bought me this fabulous over sized pencil sharpener pen and pencil pot that I have been eying up for a while! It goes perfectly with my big yellow pencil (D&AD reference for any designers reading this). ๐Ÿ˜€

Over sized pencil sharpener pencil pot Over sized pencil sharpener pencil pot 2Everyone knows me so well and I am one very lucky lady! Thanks everyone!ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Craft Space Spring Clean…

I have completely revamped my work space and bought some huge storage units to keep my ever growing craft supply contained. I am having to sell a few storage items that have proven very useful but it’s worth it for my two huge ceiling high units that I now have.

I will share pictures of my new storage space soon but in the meantime, I just thought i would share with you a couple of items that I am having to sell…

This is a fabulous storage unit for paper and card. It will hold A3 card or two stacks of A4 card per shelf. It looks beautiful and allows you to see all your fabulous card and paper and not keep it hidden away! It’s very sturdy and will take a lot of card or paper. I also had my printer stood on top of it.ImageShown here with A4 cardImageImageShown here with with A3 card

I will say that there is a crack in the top two shelves but you don’t see this when the paper and card is stored on it and I have used it with no problems!

Ribbon Storage

Hello to all you lovely readers…

I have something slightly different from the usual ‘How to make…’ blog posts that I usually share with you. I have been organising my workspace recently… because frankly it was getting out of hand! The organising is going well and I can now find things when I need them which is always a good start! ๐Ÿ˜€ The problem that I found was I couldn’t find the perfect solution for my ribbons and after endless searching my partner, Tom, created a unit that was perfect for what I needed.

I wanted something that allowed me to store all of my ribbons together in a neat and tidy solution where my ribbons wouldn’t uncoil or roll away! I didn’t want the rolls of ribbon to hang from a pole and I wanted the unit to be able to mount to the wall but be able to take it with me to shows and demos. You can see the final result below… isn’t it beautiful?! All my crafting friends that have seen it, love it and he has been taking orders… so much so, he has decided to build these handmade custom storage units on request… I’ve included a link to his new Ebay store where you can custom order your very own! This one shown below is a 600 mm (60cm) wide rack and is perfect for my space but he can make them in different widths too! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ribbon Shelf Rack with Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions

Here is where you can custom order your very own ribbon rack…



Why I didn’t want the rolls of ribbon to solely hang from poles or dowels…

I knew that this wouldn’t work for me as most of the time, I like to choose the ribbon roll colour that I think I need and hold it in place over what I’m creating to test that I like the look…ย  I usually do this with a couple of different ribbon colours to see what works best and then will commit to the one I like the look of and cut the length that I need. Also, how frustrating would it be when the roll of ribbon in the middle ran out and had to be replaced?!

Ribbon Shelf Rack easy to use - Craft Storage SolutionsCreating a unit that is transportable for shows…

Tom set up and drilled a secure bracket on my studio wall and the unit easily hooks on and off the bracket so I can take it away to shows with me but then easily hang it back on the bracket when I return, freeing up valuable desk space!

I requested that I could have removable dowels so that when I was taking the ribbon rack along to a show, I could slot the dowels through and this would keep all the ribbons together neatly during transport and makes them easier to work with at the shows too. You can see from the photo below that the poles slide in from the right side. I remove the dowels when I am back to work in my studio!

Ribbon Shelf Rack with Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions

Ribbons with different sized center holes can be stored on the unit…

I mostly used Berisfords ribbon as they are superb quality and manufactured in the UK but I do have other brands and sometimes these have a different sized centre hole. Usually they are roughly the same size of reel though.. approximately 103mm / 4 inches diameter.

Ribbon Shelf Rack - Craft Storage SolutionsRibbon Shelf Rack - Craft Storage Solutions

Larger reels can be stored on the open top shelf…

I have a few rolls of ribbon that are a larger reel size so I needed an area to store these. Tom created me an open shelf on the top so that these unusual sized ribbons could sit here. It was his idea to add the top decorative piece with the cut out heart… I absolutely love it!

Ribbon Shelf Rack - Craft Storage Solutionsย Ribbon Shelf Rack - Craft Storage Solutions

Here is my rack and you can see the dowels slot in as required…

Ribbon Shelf Rack With Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions Ribbon Shelf Rack With Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions

Various options for the decorative top piece…

Ribbon Shelf Rack Without Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions Ribbon Shelf Rack Without Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions

Ribbon Shelf Rack With Dowels - Craft Storage Solutions

Below is my first ribbon shelf painted in Vintage Matt White… is it terrible that I need two?! I think I might have a ribbon addiction! ๐Ÿ˜‰

2015 UPDATE: I now have four of these wonderful ribbon racks… definitely addicted!!

Vintage white ribbon unit without Dowels - Craft Storage Solutionsย Thanks so much Tom… you’re a superstar! ๐Ÿ˜€

He’s going to build me an embossing powder rack next… I’ll have to share an image of this once it’s complete as I’m sure it will be equally lovely! He will take custom orders too so if you have an idea for a storage solution that would make your life easier, then just let him know.

This is a link to the ribbon shelf


Homemade Christmas present… mini magnets

Hi everyone and Happy New Year,

Today’s blog post is based around using Ultra High Embossing Powder…

I saw the idea of Pantone chip magnets on Pinterest a while ago but tried it (as they recommended) with a 3D gloss but it didn’t work… once the chips had dried, they were fuzzy and slightly blurred. I print from an ink jet printer (as I’m sure most people do) so if the ink gets wet… it does run and this was the problem! I wanted to try the same idea but using Ultra High Embossing Powder as the print out would only be in contact with a light coating of versamark ink and so I didn’t think it would bleed… anyway as you can see it worked! ๐Ÿ˜€


I wanted to make a few sets as I wanted one to keep and two to give away to some of my design friends as part of the Christmas presents! Here are brief instructions on how to make them:


You can either use actual Pantone chips that you have or like me if you aren’t lucky enough to own any Pantone chip books, print out the Pantone chips from this template file here

(The colours won’t be exact to Pantone colours as you can’t accurately print Pantone Colours from a standard printer). Choose a high quality print setting so that you end up with a nice vibrant print with no lines within the blocks of colour.


Using double sided tape, attach the thin card to a thicker mount board (ideally with white edges). Cut out the chips. There are guidelines on the print out so if you cut along these lines (but not to the edge of the card) so that you can still use the guidelines to cut from.


Ink up a few of your chips with clear versamark ink and lay on a white sheet of paper (being careful to only handle the chips by the edges).


Pour over the Ultra High Embossing Powder.


Pick each of the chips up (handle them only by the edges) and place onto an oven tray lines with foil.


Place the tray in the oven at about 140 Degree’s Celsius for 2-3 minutes until the powder melts. Take the tray out of the oven and wait for the chips to cool and then ink up with clear versamark and cover with another layer of Ultra High Embossing Powder and place back into the oven. This will give you a lovely thick and smooth coating.


Add a magnet to the back. I used these lovely silver circle magnets as they look neat and are very strong. Attach them using hot glue (or another strong glue).


The finished result… a lovely set of Pantone Chip Magnets. You could also create a similar thing using mini printed polaroid style photo’s… template and more photo’s will follow when I get onto this.

Here’s a list of the Wow products that I used:

Ultra High Embossing Powder

Other products that I used:

Versamark Ink

White Card

Mount Board


Hot Glue (or another type of strong glue)




Cutting Matt

Metal Ruler

Double Sided Tape

A lovely sign designed for my other half

Hello to you all,


I just wanted to share with you a sign that I have designed for my other half as part of his birthday present… his birthday is on 28th December and so I struggle every year to try and find nice things to give him for Christmas then a couple of days after that for his birthday.

This year I thought a nice little gift would be a sign for his ‘den’ also know as ‘The Batcave’! I based the sign around the batman logo and even managed to download the batman forever font for free and use that.

Here’s the design…

The_Batcave_SignI managed to find a wonderful company…

The company is called Sign-O-Matic and they produce many types of signs and also name badges and door signs

If you blog too, why not create your sign for free with them.

I’ll update this page with a photo of the sign when it arrives. ๐Ÿ˜€