Beautiful Anniversary Card

Hi everyone, I just thought I would share with you the beautiful Anniversary card that my other half (Tom) gave me for our Anniversary today… isn’t it fabulous?


Also a quick photo that my wonderful friend, Emily took of the two of us together… You can see more of her work at


And here’s the card that I made for Tom…

Anniversary Card -

Anniversary Card

You can see the full tutorial on how to make this card here:

Also, a big thank you to my Mum and Dad who sent a lovely card for us… lovebirds and buttons… what more does a card need?! 😉

Pretty_card Pretty_card_2

On the subject of thank you’s… I’ve been meaning to share these with you for a while now (my second Mum bought them for me for Christmas and I can’t bear to use them because they are too nice!)… Super cute button soaps! How wonderful and lovely?! Thanks so much Viv. 😀

Button Soaps

Button Soaps

I was also treated to the movies last night and Tom bought me this fabulous over sized pencil sharpener pen and pencil pot that I have been eying up for a while! It goes perfectly with my big yellow pencil (D&AD reference for any designers reading this). 😀

Over sized pencil sharpener pencil pot Over sized pencil sharpener pencil pot 2Everyone knows me so well and I am one very lucky lady! Thanks everyone!  😀


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