Craft Space Spring Clean…

I have completely revamped my work space and bought some huge storage units to keep my ever growing craft supply contained. I am having to sell a few storage items that have proven very useful but it’s worth it for my two huge ceiling high units that I now have.

I will share pictures of my new storage space soon but in the meantime, I just thought i would share with you a couple of items that I am having to sell…

This is a fabulous storage unit for paper and card. It will hold A3 card or two stacks of A4 card per shelf. It looks beautiful and allows you to see all your fabulous card and paper and not keep it hidden away! It’s very sturdy and will take a lot of card or paper. I also had my printer stood on top of it.ImageShown here with A4 cardImageImageShown here with with A3 card

I will say that there is a crack in the top two shelves but you don’t see this when the paper and card is stored on it and I have used it with no problems!


2 thoughts on “Craft Space Spring Clean…

    • Hi, I don’t know where you would buy an A3 paper storage unit like the one I had (I bought it second hand from a craft shop that was closing down. I do know that Ikea sell large slim drawers perfect for storage large card if that helps? x

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