Homemade Christmas present… mini magnets

Hi everyone and Happy New Year,

Today’s blog post is based around using Ultra High Embossing Powder…

I saw the idea of Pantone chip magnets on Pinterest a while ago but tried it (as they recommended) with a 3D gloss but it didn’t work… once the chips had dried, they were fuzzy and slightly blurred. I print from an ink jet printer (as I’m sure most people do) so if the ink gets wet… it does run and this was the problem! I wanted to try the same idea but using Ultra High Embossing Powder as the print out would only be in contact with a light coating of versamark ink and so I didn’t think it would bleed… anyway as you can see it worked! πŸ˜€


I wanted to make a few sets as I wanted one to keep and two to give away to some of my design friends as part of the Christmas presents! Here are brief instructions on how to make them:


You can either use actual Pantone chips that you have or like me if you aren’t lucky enough to own any Pantone chip books, print out the Pantone chips from this template file here

(The colours won’t be exact to Pantone colours as you can’t accurately print Pantone Colours from a standard printer). Choose a high quality print setting so that you end up with a nice vibrant print with no lines within the blocks of colour.


Using double sided tape, attach the thin card to a thicker mount board (ideally with white edges). Cut out the chips. There are guidelines on the print out so if you cut along these lines (but not to the edge of the card) so that you can still use the guidelines to cut from.


Ink up a few of your chips with clear versamark ink and lay on a white sheet of paper (being careful to only handle the chips by the edges).


Pour over the Ultra High Embossing Powder.


Pick each of the chips up (handle them only by the edges) and place onto an oven tray lines with foil.


Place the tray in the oven at about 140 Degree’s Celsius for 2-3 minutes until the powder melts. Take the tray out of the oven and wait for the chips to cool and then ink up with clear versamark and cover with another layer of Ultra High Embossing Powder and place back into the oven. This will give you a lovely thick and smooth coating.


Add a magnet to the back. I used these lovely silver circle magnets as they look neat and are very strong. Attach them using hot glue (or another strong glue).


The finished result… a lovely set of Pantone Chip Magnets. You could also create a similar thing using mini printed polaroid style photo’s… template and more photo’s will follow when I get onto this.

Here’s a list of the Wow products that I used:

Ultra High Embossing Powder

Other products that I used:

Versamark Ink

White Card

Mount Board


Hot Glue (or another type of strong glue)




Cutting Matt

Metal Ruler

Double Sided Tape


3 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas present… mini magnets

  1. Hello! These are fab! I also saw a tutorial on Pinterest but don’t have Pantone chips, so was going to make some of my own like you have done. I wondered if I could be cheeky & ask you to send me the Indesign/Illustrator file you used? (I’d like to change the colours). If not, could you tell me the dimensions & the font used? Would REALLY appreciate it πŸ™‚

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