Thrifty pays… Upcycled CD Rack now Ribbon Shelf

Hi everyone,

I have another post for you today… 😀 I wanted to show you this transformation.

I bought this old CD rack on ebay because I thought it would make the perfect ribbon shelf. As you can see it only cost £5.51 and I picked it up round the corner from my friends house when I called in for a catch up.Old CD RackI thought it would be lovely for keeping my ribbons neat and tidy and it did work well.Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 15.08.00My other half said why don’t I add and extra couple of shelves and he whisked it away for an afternoon in his den (the shed) The next day I had this…Upcycled CD rackIsn’t it beautiful… 😀

Awwww! He added in a lovely heart for me…he’s super clever and lovely. 😀

He now sells brand new custom ribbon racks on ebay:




2 thoughts on “Thrifty pays… Upcycled CD Rack now Ribbon Shelf

  1. PLEASE tell me you still make these wooden ribbon racks. I’m absolutely in love with them but eBay says no longer available. I would love the brown one with a heart on top unless the heart interferes with adding more on top. In that case I’d like 2 of the brown without the heart so I can stact them. Please let me know If you still make them and the price and how to order. I live in South Georgia in the U.S. My number is 1-229-548-1445 if you need to contact me. Sincerely, Pam Weldon

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