Handy Stamp Storage Idea

Hello everyone… Happy Tuesday! 😀

It’s Sarah here with today’s blog post created for our Monochromatic theme.

I don’t know about you, but I always find I need to use stamps from a mixture of stamp sets and I thought it would be easier if I didn’t have to slide each stamp set in and out of the packets all of the time.

I have a bunch of empty CD cases that I had almost thrown out but thankfully I hadn’t as they turned out to be the perfect solution! The part that holds the CD easily popped out so I could then position my different stamp sets within them.

I found an old wooden CD box but it had no lid and as all clear acrylic stamps are best stored out of the light, I decided I would make a box lid for it… not just a plain lid though… a Wow Embossed box lid!

Here are brief instructions on how to make it:


Using pearl silver card, I created a square to the size that I needed (145mm) and added 30mm wide rectangles around the square adding in some tabs so that I would be able to stick the flaps together neatly. I embossed the circle heart from the Wow “Is It A Bird” stamp set around the edges using Silver Pearl Embossing Powder and scored all of the required lines so that it would fold together.


On a Dark Grey Pearl card, I stamped and heat Embossed Wow “Brocade” stamp twice using Silver Pearl Embossing Powder. Cut these two pieces out.


Using pearl silver card, I stamped the frame from Wow “Simply Amazing” stamp set and heat embossed using Silver Embossing Powder. I then created the text within the frame using the Wow Embossing Pen and Black Ebony Embossing Powder. I used super fine embossing powder for the text as there was quite a lot of small details. Cut around the frame but leave space either side for ribbon slits – see the images below!


I attached the two pieces of dark grey embossed card to the lid using double sided tape. I threaded dark grey ribbon through two slits either side of the frame and then through two slits within the box lid and secured neatly on the inside of the box lid. Add some foam pads to the back of the frame to lift it. I used double sided tape on the tabs and made the up the box.

I created a guide so I can easily see which stamps are within each case.

I might decorate the rest of the box at a later date but at least for now, my stamps are protected from the sunlight! 😀 Now all of my stamps are all together and quick and easy to use. I still keep the large single stamps on their transparent backing all together in a single DVD case rather than within the separate packets that they came in (the CD cases aren’t large enough but the extra large stamps are easier to peel off a flexible backing anyway so this works out well).

Here’s a list of the Wow products that I used:

Wow “Is It A Bird” stamp set

Wow “Brocade” stamp set

Wow “Simply Amazing” stamp set

Silver Pearl Embossing Powder

Silver Embossing Powder

Black Ebony Embossing Powder

Wow Embossing Pen

Pop over to the Wow Embossing Powder website for other fabulous colours… Happy Embossing!


2 thoughts on “Handy Stamp Storage Idea

  1. I have lost 3 stamp sets today from storing them in CD cases. I went to use a stamp set and it disintegrated on removing from the case. I checked all my other stamps that are stored this way and 2 other sets also fell apart on removing. I have now removed all my other stamps and looking at another way to store them :o(

    • Hi Cat,
      I’m sorry to hear that your stamps fell apart. I still store my stamps in CD cases (and also know many of my crafting friends that do too) and have never had any problems. Did you have them stored away from light? This is something I clearly mentioned in my comments as clear stamps don’t like to be left in the light. I had one large stamp (it was a home made stamp using the Imagepac stamp making kit) that I left adhered to an acrylic block and this was in clear storage box in my craftroom… this stamp disintegrated when I tried to remove it from the block but I realised that even though it had been stored in a box, the light was still getting to it.

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