Out of the Dark Ages…

Hello! I’ve been a little quiet lately… BT Problems meant I had no access to the internet at home (for almost 5 weeks)! You don’t realise how much you rely on it and I felt like I was back in the dark ages. Anyhoo… I’m glad to report that our phone line is finally fixed! šŸ˜€


Hole – part 1… when BT finally admitted there was a problem with our line (only 3 weeks after we had first reported the problem) !!!



Whoops… looks like this hole has been created in the wrong the place! Quick, call out the diggers – we need a new hole! (If only BT could dig the holes too…how long will we wait for the diggers AGAIN?!)



Hole – part 2… (Extended) BT technician arrives (with his own thermal cup… he obviously knows the speed BT work) Success! A working phone line… and only 5 weeks later!


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